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Our loyal customers speak volumes about our quality. Stop in today and see for yourself!


Jax is the most honest, dependable mechanic I've ever been to. I have been a loyal customer of Jax for since about 2003. For years before going to Jax, I did most of the work on my cars myself. So, I usually have a good idea of what will be involved in the various repairs I have done. Over the years, the professional, friendly service I've consistently received has earned my trust. This is the only car shop I have been to that has reduced the estimated price because the mechanic working on my car was able to finish in less time than is typical for the job. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family here knowing they will be taken care. Thank you Jax!!!


I came here after a recommendation from my mom. Service was excellent--the team is not only knowledgeable, but also very friendly and professional. I originally came to just get an oil change, but they willingly fixed all my minor issues as well (I had some wires dangling beneath my bumper and a fuel cap that wouldn't ever pop open--both issues were fixed with no additional charge). Prices were better than fair--I think I might have received some sort of discount but not sure how. Definitely recommend Jax.


Was driving today on the 57 freeway off imperial my gas pedal stopped working. AAA tow truck took me too Jax Auto and thank goodness they did. I needed a fuel pump and filter after giving me the price I was in shock at first. I then called around just to make sure I was getting a good deal and no mechanics could beat his price or warranty. They couldn't even come close! Some mechanics couldn't believe the price he was giving me. Jack is a really nice guy too and you can tell your in good hands. I almost feel bad for not trusting him in the first place. I think I will be taking my future cars here.


I love JAX and refer all my friends and family to them!!! They have always been honest and able to pinpoint the correct problem. I first went to JAX after spending $2500 on my car for a problem that Firestone kept saying they fixed but never did. Firestone kept diagnosing the wrong parts, that I had them replace, but the problem persisted. I went to JAX and they told me immediately what needed to be fixed. $600 and 3 hours later my car was running like new again. Since then I have never taken my car to another repair shop, not even for an oil change. I don't trust anyone but JAX to touch my car. I am a loyal customer for the past 6 years and will stay loyal.


Great service, Excellent shop I have been using this shop for a couple of years, I was told by dealer that I need front & rear brakes & transmission flush & when I took my vehicle to Jax to have it inspected they showed me the front & rear brake pads where 50% remaning & only thing I needed was trans service. Thank you for saving me money.